About The Wildflower AZ

Hey there! We are Nicole and Selena! We are a family-run floral studio, a mother & daughter floral designing duo specializing in weddings and events. We are third and fourth generation floral designers, it has been in our blood since the early 1900’s, all thanks to Nicole’s grandmother & Selena’s great-grandmother! It’s safe to say floral design is our second language.

The Wildflower AZ offers quality floral designs that are romantic, artistic, and well…wild! True craftsmanship goes into each and every arrangement we create for our weddings. Our dedication to your vision is immediate. We have a talented, stylish, and flexible team that has no limits. Sophisticated, trendy, and chic- we love to work with a variety of styles and trends! Our goal is to make the vision of your dream wedding come to life through the art of flowers.

We are truly a fun, light-hearted, and unfiltered team that just want you to be happy and stress-free on your special day. We put all of our love into our craft, not only because we live and breath flowers, but because we honestly enjoy creating beautiful work for our couples. We want nothing more than our flower designs to be unforgettable on your special day.